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a Sims 4 post

So far I’m loving the game, and I know there’s no story progression, but things could at least try to make a little sense. It feels like I’m living in an empty world filled with brainless people. 

Example: This dude moping away is Pierce Barry. He lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my Sims. (They just had a wedding in the back yard.) Literally that greenish-grayish house is where he lives. WHERE ARE YOU GOING, DUDE? The wrong way. You’re going the wrong way. At least in TS3 they would go the right direction of their homes after a party. Heck, you could even follow them home.

The guy crossing the street is Oliver Queen. He lives with Felicity Smoak (and also John Diggle, but I haven’t seen him yet for some reason). They were at the wedding, too, and they left in opposite directions. If there were at least cars and they got in together, it’d be better. I just want everyone to know where they’re going so the world makes a little sense.